Unlike the Eye icon in the Object Inspector window which hides/shows only particular objects, commands in the View Menu hide/show all objects that fit user-specified criteria.

Areas, Lines, Points of Interest, Map Features, Cities, Exits settings show or hide respective type of objects.

Area Captions, Line Captions, Symbol Captions show or hide names (captions) of respective type of objects in the work area. Symbols are all point objects (Points of Interest, Map Features, Cities, Exits).

Fill of Areas. Uncheck this setting to turn into the "wire frame" display mode. This is useful when you need to make overlay of the Areas.

Show/Hide Objects. Use this sub-menu to show and hide set of selected or unselected objects.

Guide Lines, Button Bar, Grid, Rulers settings show or hide respective controls of the work area.

Zoom Window shows/hides zoom window in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hiding this window is useful in case of low screen resolution (800x600, for example) to enlarge Object Inspector window.

GPS Display Frame. Check this setting to show frame of the GPS unit display in the 'gray scale' and 'color' modes. This function allows you to see if map does not have too much detail and if it will be legible on the GPS display. To change size of the display frame, click on the GPS icon in the upper-left corner with right mouse button.

Nighttime, Marine Colors. Use these settings to change the map colors in 'gray scale' and 'color' display mode. Marine colors works in both 'gray scale' and 'color' display mode. Nighttime has effect only in the 'color' mode.