Vertical Tool Bar

Select and Transform Tool, Edit Nodes Tool
Zoom Tool
  • Zoom Tool
  • Zoom 1 Tool (base zoom)
Lasso Selection Tool
  • Lasso Selection Tool
Pan Tool
  • Pan Tool
Area (Polygon) Tool, Hole (Opening) Tool, Line Tool
POI Tool, City Tool, Map Feature Tool, Exit Tool
  • POI Tool
  • City Tool
  • Map Feature Tool
  • Exit Tool
Routable Road Tool
Marine Area (Polygon) Tool, Marine Line Tool, Marine Symbol Tool
  • Marine Area (Polygon) Tool *
  • Marine Line Tool *
  • Marine Symbol Tool *
Freehand Tool
Trace Tool

* Tools available only in the Mapwel software versions that support marine charts (not available yet).

Use zoom tool to zoom in (left mouse button click) or zoom out (right mouse button click). If you want to zoom in a specific area, depress the left mouse button and drag mouse to make selection. Then release the mouse button and selected area will be enlarged so that it fits on the screen.

Selection box for zooming

Opening (hole) can be used only after Area or previous Opening object. It does not appear in Object Inspector window as a separate object and cannot be selected directly on the Work Area. To select the Opening object for transformation, use the Part Inspector window. To add Opening to Area, the Area must be either selected or it must be the last object in the Object Inspector list.