Map Feature Tab

Map Feature Tab Icon

Map Feature Tab

These parameters are applicable only to Map Feature objects. All these settings are uploaded with map into the GPS device.

Meaning of controls marked by arrow 1 and 2 is the same as on the area or line tab.

Map Feature Name is the text that is displayed next to the object icon in the GPS device.

Comment is text that is displayed when you place cursor on top of the icon. Some GPS units display the comment label in the same way as the name label

Coordinate controls allow you to change the object position. To change position format, use the main menu Edit > Preferences

The list in the middle is the Map Feature Class. Some classes have several subclasses that are displayed in the bottom list. Choose the proper Map Feature type using the class and subclass lists.

Icons in the class and subclass lists show how the Map Feature will look like in the color GPS (left icon) and monochrome GPS (right icon).