Restrictions of Demo Version

Mapwel is available in a free demo version for evaluation. Demo version truncates maps uploaded into the GPS and adds 'Mapwel Demo' label to all map objects. Demo does not truncate autovectorized maps. However, it stamps text 'Mapwel Demo' to autovectorized maps. Demo version does not support routing. Routable roads are converted to common roads without voice navigation.

To test how complete map looks like in the Garmin GPS, use the Mapwel_Island.MPW file in the MAPWEL/FILES folder.

Sample map

Test map

Demo version does not truncate maps if they are located in a 'safe test area' S00.5 - N00.5, W000.5 - E000.5 (WGS84). Place your map within these boundaries to test it in the GPS. Routing is supported in the safe test area.

Safe test area for maps in demo version of Mapwel software

Safe test area

Note: map elements like polygons, lines and symbols appear gradually as you zoom-in the map in GPS. Therefore, map may seem like empty if it is not zoomed in.