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Upload vector map to GPS

Upload map (vector objects only) to Garmin GPS. Raster image is not transferred to GPS, it serves only as a template for either manual or automatic vectorization. Some GPS units accept raster images in KMZ format. In such case, use main menu > Image > Export as Calibrated KMZ.

Launch OpenStreetMap Downloader

Launch tool for downloading free OpenStreet maps.

Load, Save, Import Files

Copy and Paste

Undo and Redo

Geographic Coordinates of Map in WGS84

Coordinates of map boundaries in WGS84 (south, north, west east). User can edit these coordinates directly to georeference the map, but it is correct approach only if raster image contains map in WGS84 (no projection) and the image is rectified. Preferred method to georeference map is use of the main menu > Image > Calibration tool.  

Lock Polygons, Polylines and Symbols

These checkboxes allow to lock polygons, polylines or symbols and thus avoid their unwanted move, while working with other objects.

Zoom to Selected Objects

These commands help to focus objects selected from Object Inspector list quickly.

Mapwel Help File

Launch help file

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Properties Window

Open Properties window to adjust properties of selected objects or overall map properties.

Image Rotation

Start tools for:

Image Editing

Image editing tools:

Image (map) Calibration

Image (map) calibration with multiple calibration points

Automatic Vectorization of Image

Automatic vectorization of raster image

Download Waypoints and Tracks from GPS


Launch editor of user defined styles

Launch editor of user defined styles

Show/Hide Map Objects


Show/Hide Text Labels of Map Objects

Show/hide text labels of

Show/Hide Fill of Polygons

Show/hide fill of polygons (has no effect in Grayscale GPS and Color GPS view mode)